why use sports nutrition at all?

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    Corpotential is interested in you as a biochemically unique individual. Two athletes of the same gender, height, weight, age and in the same sport may be eating exactly the same diet, however it is highly unlikely to suit them both. In order to achieve optimum performance, it is imperative to ensure optimum absorption through optimum nutrition.

    Our aim is to improve your long-term potential by improving your long-term health.
    Nutritional advice from Corpotential can help you:

  • By reducing
  • - recovery time between events
      - injury recovery time
      - fat to lean weight ratio (if required)
      - any gastrointestinal complaints
  • By increasing
  • - immune function thus decreasing susceptibility to viruses and illness in general
  • By improving
  • - energy levels during events
      - concentration levels
      - general well-being
      - sleep patterns
      - digestion and absorption
      - bowel function
      - appetite
      - your ability to cope with physical and mental stress
  • By helping
  • - you understand how your body functions
      - you reach your optimal potential

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