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    Athletes frequently but erroneously believe that there must be a 'magic' diet to help improve performance. Sports nutrition is brimming with 'fad' diets and misleading advertising claims with some promoting supplements as the only way to optimise performance and others decrying their efficacy.

    At Corpotential, our experience is twofold: firstly the straightforward discipline of focusing on diet and only supplementing in times of frank deficiencies; secondly we integrate the field of complementary nutritional therapy which looks much more into digestive problems and into the use of supplements to improve health. With this in mind, we have taken the best of both worlds in order to bring you, the athlete, a unique programme for optimising performance through optimum nutrition.

    Kathryn Bistany, managing director of Corpotential Limited left her successful career in the City after 13 years in investment banking to dedicate herself to personal fitness and sports therapy. After a serious sports injury and suffering nutritional deficiencies, Kathryn decided nutritional therapy offered the key to optimum sports performance.

    She received her Bachelor of Science degree (with distinction) in Complementary Therapies with 250 clinical hours in nutritional therapy from Westminster University, London and her Master of Sports Nutrition from Newcastle University in Australia.

    Corpotential is based in London, England.

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