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    30 March 2005

    Corpotential Supports Top National Players With Gb Tennis Girls Nutrition Partnership

    Leading London based sports nutrition consultancy Corpotential has formed an exclusive partnership with performance tennis 'hub' GB Tennis Girls, whose leading player is Scottish No.2 Karen Pattersen, to provide ongoing health and nutrition consultation.

    Kathryn Bistany, Managing Director and founder of Corpotential says: "I am delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with GB Tennis Girls and their squad of performance players. Peak performance in sport is much more closely linked to nutrition than most people realise. To date, nutrition has tended only to be used as a fuel to energise the athlete, and often it has not been used optimally. Optimum nutrition must form part of all athletes' arsenal along with their physiotherapists, coaches and doctors. I hope to address the four areas that are linked to nutrition: energy, strength, mental focus and injuries. I firmly believe that nutrition holds the key to success and for many players this will start with adopting a healthier lifestyle."

    GB Tennis Girls director Helen Crook says: "We are delighted to start working closely with Corpotential to ensure the health and personal development of our players is closely monitored in order for them to reach their full potential. I definitely wish this type of service was available when I was playing full-time."

    Corpotential is currently providing individual consultations for leading players and will look at diet analysis, personalised eating plans, as well practical tournament advice on 'eating on the road'. Issues related to hydration and sports injury and in particular, injury prevention and rehabilitation through nutrition are also looked at. As part of the partnership Corpotential will also be offering a discount in fees for other players managed by GB Tennis Girls.

    Victoria Davies, Director and performance squad coach says: "With such a hectic tournament schedule, both nationally and internationally, it is crucial that our players learn more about their own diet and staying healthy. Keeping body and mind fit, alert and positive is vital for top sportsmen and women. To retain concentration at international level requires high levels of physical and mental fitness so a healthy lifestyle with sound nutrition is absolutely essential. Corpotential will be supporting 5 of our top performance players with the likihood of this number increasing during the year."

    Notes to editors:

    Kathryn Bistany - Managing Director of Corpotential Limited.

    After 13 years of working in the financial sector in the City, Kathryn opted on a change of direction in her career. She began to look at nutrition more seriously after a severe sports injury occurred as a result of over-training and nutritional deficiencies. In 1998 Kathryn completed a one-year course at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London. She then went back to university and successfully completed a BSc degree in Complementary Therapies at the University of Westminster in London as well as a Masters degree in Sports Nutrition at The University of Newcastle, one of the top medical colleges in Australia, which she successfully completed in 2001.

    Kathryn is a member of The Nutrition Society and The British Association for Nutritional Therapy (BANT).

    Corpotential Limited

    Kathryn Bistany launched Corpotential in January 2003 and is based in London. Corpotential was set up to offer a range of specialist consultancy services within the field of Sports Nutrition. As well as one-to-one consultations, Corpotential offers group presentations on general nutrition, sports nutrition, specific sports nutrition and specific health issues affected by nutrition

    Corpotential's philosophy is to take each individual as biochemically and anatomically unique. Any two athletes in the same sport and of the same gender and physique will find it difficult to optimise performance through eating exactly the same diet, no matter how nutritious it may appear to be. As such, it is imperative that optimum nutrition is established in order to optimise digestion and absorption which is unique to each individual.

    The diet itself is of the greatest importance to any nutritionist or dietician. Corpotential places strong emphasis on educating its athletes on the reasons why certain foods are more beneficial than others, for a particular individual and at a particular time. Optimum nutrition levels are attainable only if an individual's basic diet is sound. Different situations, such as sport injuries, require a change in the diet. Often when athletes are injured the only recommendation is a reduction in caloric intake. Of greater importance however, is the increased consumption of foods that provide healing and decreasing those that slow down recovery. Corpotential's focus is not to improve short-term performance at the expense of long-term health but to optimise performance and long-term health in order to increase the length of an athlete's career.

    Fees: Individual consultations with Corpotential cost 250 for adults and 200 for juniors under the age of 18. The initial consultation typically lasts for up to three hours.

    • BSc Complementary Therapies
    • Masters of Sports Nutrition
    • Member of British Association for Nutritional Therapy (BANT)
    • Member of The Nutrition Society
    About GBTG:

    GB Tennis Girls is a not-for-profit organisation born out of a passion and dedication to improve British women's tennis. GB Tennis Girls are working hard to create a support system in Britain in which every player benefits from increased playing opportunities and fewer unnecessary burdens.

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