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    Are you training for a specific event?

    Don't leave it until the last minute! Give yourself at the very least 3 months before the event to consult Corpotential. It's never too early, but it can be too late.

    Has your performance deteriorated for no apparent reason?

    If your energy levels have dropped, your sleep patterns changed or number of injuries increased, this may all be linked to your nutrition. Don't automatically assume it's because you're passed it!

    Confidentiality and working as a team

    At Corpotential we believe in working as a team. All information given to us is strictly confidential. For those athletes in team sports, coaches, physiotherapists and/or the team's sports medicine doctor may need to be made aware of the nutritional programme that will be suggested and the reasons for it. This will be done only with your approval and in some cases, nutritional programmes may not be suggested without such approval.

    Note that we will not be able to answer individual nutritional questions. Our policy is not to make generalised comments on individual supplements or problems without an in-depth consultation.

    Still unsure that sports nutrition can help you?

    Then contact us on:
    or write to

    Corpotential Limited,
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    111 Power Road
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    Please remember, there are no magic pills. No supplement can help you reach your optimum potential if your diet is not nutritionally sound.

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